The CareLoop app was developed alongside people with lived experience of severe mental illness ensuring it is acceptable, easy to use & effective
The app works by collecting data through your smartphone then presenting insights to you on your phone & to your clinical team via the CareLoop platform
Data is collected in real-time giving you & your clinical team a much fuller picture of your experiences and symptoms than previously possible
Designed to work within an integrated system of care, you can only use the CareLoop app with a clinical prescription

CareLoop for Psychosis

Tested for over 10 years in clinical settings with five successful randomised controlled trials (RCTs) completed, CareLoop for psychosis is now in its second generation.
Key funcionalities
Real-time data collection
Medication reminders and side effect monitoring
Personalised insights
Secure data transfer to the CareLoop platform

CareLoop for perinatal mental health

Tested by mothers, fathers and partners for safety and usability, CareLoop is shown in a clinical study to effectively screen parents for signs of postnatal depression (PND). Effective screening allows appropriate support to be delivered at the earliest opportunity.

Used in the last few weeks of pregnancy and the first few months after birth, the app complements health visitor support giving a richer view of the new parents’ wellbeing during these critical weeks.
Parents complete regular assessments in the CareLoop app
Data from the app is uploaded in real-time to a secure server
Heath care teams access data using the CareLoop platform giving them previously impossible insight into parents’ wellbeing
Parents can see data on their smartphones, helping to understand fluctuations and triggers
Parents can see data on their smartphones, helping to understand fluctuations & triggers